Richard Casper - The Computer Programmer and Web Master Worked very hard behind the scenes and with a tight deadline, to create the database of blood types that is used by Wooster ( Mitchell Rad ). The databases and computer programs that you see used on movies are often computer programs created and scripted to emulate what is usually not possible to do in real life. The images of the database you see above is no exception, it was created to give you the impression that a simple laptop can give you access to secure databases anywhere in the world. Well anything is possible, when FX professionals join with talented producers or clients and can use smoke and mirrors to create tthe perfect illusion. If you need a custom FX solution contact the Web Master.

He also put together this Web Site with constant input from the Producer ( Banning Lary ) in e-mails and phone calls since Richard is halfway across the country in Tacoma, WA. Richard has over 25 years of experience in computers and over 10 years as a Web Master. He specializes in custom solutions and on-line databases, applications, and programs for small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world. He can be contacted at for a private tour of 100's of solutions created and free consultation on your cgi or Web based project.