Jim Brewer is Doc Johnson, an irascible defrocked plastic surgeon who performs illegal organ transplants for wealthy recipients. Mr. Brewer, who resides in Los Angeles and has a home in Austin, is one of Austin's most revered actors having starred opposite Marlon Brando, George C. Scott, Andy Griffiths, and others. His first film was the original Alamo with John Wayne. Brewer was a professional boxer that lead naturally to his role as Golden Boy on stage and other roles in Pal Joey, Oklahoma, Bedtime Story, South Pacific, Guys and Dolls and more. Among his many professional film credits are Ruby, The Incredible Hulk, The Killing of Randy Webster, The Formula, Flesh and Blood, Death Mask, A Small Town in Texas, Doctor's Wives, The Guns of Will Sonnet, Twelve O'Clock High and Two Rode Together. Brewer was a fixture on network television for years in a myriad of shows ranging from Route 66 to Petticoat Junction to Paladin opposite Richard Boone.

Mitchell Rad is Wooster Carneal, a loyal employee of Chase Laboratories until he is betrayed for the last time and seeks to set things right. Mr. Rad's first acting public appearances were with the Robert E. Lee High School Speech and Debate Club, where he was dubbed "The Sharp Tongue." He was an award-winning high school athlete and taught downhill skiing in Sierra Blanca, New Mexico. His roustabout life has been tempered by stints as carpenter, painter and paralegal. He re-discovered acting later in life with embued passion for the craft, seasoned by a full and varied life. Like Dennis Farina and other gifted actors who come by their skills naturally, Mitch Rad exudes an intense believability few actors can match. Mitch recently starred as Sergei in the award-winning short film El Pachuco, and had a part in the feature Double Tap.

Allison Lane is Claire DuBois, the dauntless TV news reporter, whose ongoing series "Who Owns My Body," becomes the watershed of communication between the lead characters. Ms. Lane, a New York City-based actress, has been working steadily on stage and in front of the camera most of her life. She recently starred in the dramatic feature Changing the Odds, and has another lead in the feature film Wreck. She also has appeared in the romantic comedy features The Young Professionals and Marie’s Gold in the lead female roles and many short films: Soulmate, The Launch, Fast Nation, The Retoucher and Beauty Knows No Pain. Her Television credits include: College Daze, Times Square: A Documentary and Dub Shack. Her New York City theatre credits include Election Day, Abie’s Irish Rose, Lyrics By Me and Tradeshow. Favorite Regional credits include: The Women, Guys and Dolls, Born in the RSA, Pirates of Penzance, and Quilters where she played 23 Characters. In her spare time, Allison has appeared in numerous commercial print ad campaigns.

Valerie Lary is Dr. Vicki Gashe, the cold-hearted psychiatrist to whom Carneal recants his tale of misery and murder. Ms. Lary was classically trained as a stage actress in London by Michael John, in Australia by Sean Scully and at the Lee Strasburg Institute in Los Angeles. Her many stage credits as principal or lead include: Bedroom Farce, Pardon for the Price, Out of Africa, Dial "M" for Murder, Villainy and Vice, Flea in Her Ear, No Sex Please, We're British and Eugene O'Neill's Beyond the Horizon. She also has appeared both on camera and as voice over talent in many TV spots and documentaries including Chekhov's The Seagull with Edward Albee.

Jeff DeAngelis is Bick Rabbit, a cunning wise guy sidewinder, whose skills at extortion and blackmail have no limits. Mr. DeAngelis attended the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York before landing roles in films such as Chime Noire, Be Cool, Secondhand Lions, Just Another Alien Story and The Game. His theater credits include South Pacific, Inner Circle, Faust and Hamlet where he played Horatio. Jeff has also been in many TV commercials for CVS, Bradlee's, Sam Adam's Beer and Filene's basement.

Gary Dixon is Gary Broadstreet, a former Special Forces soldier who found the underground organ trade a perfect outlet for his surreptitious skills. Mr. Dixon is a Political Science graduate from Texas State University and served in the U. S. Marine Corps, as an Aircraft Mechanic and as an Officer. Gary Dixon is a bright new acting talent who has already landed roles in films starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Boyd Kestner, Pepe Serna, Fabrian Carillo and Daniel Baldwin. Known by some as the "Black Brad Pitt," Gary stays in top physical shape and flies airplanes.

Katherine Robinson is Lena Carneal, Wooster's songbird wife whose death sends the protagonist off the deep end into the underworld. Ms. Robinson grew up around the "business" via her dad, Raymond Sandoval Torres, of the famous Tejano band the "Dinos". Katherine has been singing and acting since childhood, and was an understudy for the movie Hard Promises opposite Sissy Spacek, Lea Thompson, and Audra Lindley. She danced with Ballet Austin for four years and has done numerous fashion print ads for Calvin Klein and others. Her theater experience includes singing roles in both Cabaret and Ethnicity.

Kirk Hunter is Dr. Phillip Q. Feddish, a fastidious inscrutable transplant physician who locks horns with TV reporter Claire DuBois and denies the Carneals their operation. Mr. Hunter is one of Austin's most notable original characters, a quirky actor who is also a video artist of inestimable implications. Among work both in front of and behind the camera, Hunter has created and appeared in countless episodes of access television where he is known as Kirk-O-Matic. He is a versatile character who is convincing as a store clerk, nitwit cowboy, fussy physician, gangster, policeman or preacher. His many feature film credits include Chipolte Diamonds, Blank Check, Texas Comedy Massacre Sailor, Devils' Cello, and arguably the most bizarre or horrendous film ever made Barn of the Blood Llama. View his film bio at: http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0402915/

Jim Holzknecht is Jimmy Kane, the manipulative supervisor at Chase Laboratories, whose bullying ways finally push Carneal over the edge. Mr. Holzknecht has written, directed and produced programs for PBS and produced and narrated award-winning documentaries, educational films and industrial training programs. Mr. Holzknecht played the lead role of "Alan" in the short film "Waiting for Someday" and co-produced and co-wrote the short film "An Eye for an Eye."

Barbara Rappaport is Susan Davidson, a cunning ambitious lawyer who will stop at nothing to satisfy her greed for money and sexual lust. Ms. Rappaport has been acting and modeling since high school, has been in many commercials and recently has starred in two short films, "Hello Chris," and "Lame Chicks." She also is an accomplished singer with the Genre, a Seal Beach band and on her own CDs. Her song "Know I Know You're Mine" is featured on the AB-NEGATIVE soundtrack.

Andrea Morton is Angelica Tapier, wife of a wealthy boxing promoter who is overqualified to obtain a life-saving organ through legitimate channels. Ms. Morton's performance career began as a photograph's model at age 16. As an actress, she has landed principle parts in many television commercials and short films. She has a leading role in Changing the Odds, an Anthony Colby feature now in post production.

Don Stewart is Rashid Tapier, a wealthy cut-throat boxing promoter who will do anything to save the life of his gorgeous young wife. Mr. Stewart has been acting professionally since 1974, though his initial experience came in the Drama Department at the University of Maryland and in the U.S. Air Force with the Yakota Players in Japan while serving as a fighter pilot. Since 1983 Don has starred in numerous stage plays, industrials and feature films, most recently Changing the Odds, an Andeco Production. Some of his favorite credits include the August Wilson plays Two Trains Running, The Amen Corner and King Hedley II.

Jenny Taylor is Stella Gray, the intrepid forensics photographer whose images of the donors weave a fabric of clues that eventually lead to denouement. Ms. Taylor is a gifted photographer as well as actress whose films include: Lady of Dreams, Zombie Tango, Football Crazy, The Incident, The Real Deal, Starship Exeter, Varsity Blues and Every Word is True. Her theater experience includes roles in The Torchbearers, House of Blue Leaves, Come Back to the Five and Dime and Music Man. Check out her photography at www.jennytaylor.com.

Jerry Campbell is Henry Truppance, a ruthless insurance adjuster whose loyalty to the bottom line exceeds respect for human life. Mr. Campbell is a former stage actor having played Lucky in Waiting for Godot, while living in the Washington D.C. area, and Jake Clatt in Three Men on A Horse. Jerry is Associate Producer of AB-NEGATIVE, President of BJ Entertainment and a Partner in Austin HD Video. He's also currently writing a thriller screen play.


Cheryl Duncan is Detective Carter, a firearms expert and intuitive sleuth, who teams up with Detective Hargrave in pursuit of the bad guy. In real life, Ms. Duncan is one of the top stunt women in Hollywood, who's action-packed career has her taking the falls for none less than Bridget Fonda, Sharon Stone, Kathleen Turner, Ellen Barkin, Shannon Tweed, Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman,Cameron Diaz, Rene Russo and many others. Cheryl is also a former WKA World kick-boxing champion, an inductee into the Black Belt Hall of Fame, an all around good athlete and has been in more movies and TV shows than you can imagine.

Alex Jones is himself, a tireless electronic drum beater of radio and television, a fearless upholder of truth, justice and the American Way. Mr. Jones upholds no tyranny that cannot be defeated, no social injustice that cannot be solved by replacing those in power with a nebulous cadre of -- just who or what he feels has the experience or knowledge for the job, Jones leaves to the imagination of his many devoted listeners. While Jones would bridle at the mention, he has developed into a brilliant multi-winged cacophonous aberration fused from the phonenixs of Rush Limbough, G. Gordon Liddy, David Duke, John Goodman and Joe Pine. A self-proclaimed patriot to the death, Jones receives millions of web hits a week at his numerous websites, accessible from www.infowars.com.

Trey Swain is Randy Carrion, a self-possessed brute who takes what he wants out of life and leaves no prisoners. Mr. Swain is cast respecting his rugged life experience as a professional boxer, gentleman's club bouncer and former outlaw motorcycle gang member. A talented musician and welder, this well-rounded hombre is the proud father of three and volunteers his time counseling errant youth and infusing human beings with the power of Jesus.

Lucy Jones is Floppsie Smithers, a southern belle who took a wrong turn and ended up as the house mouse of Randy Carrion. Ms. Jones is a part-time actress and a full-time registered nurse and mother of four. She also sings like a nightingale and has a razor sharp wit.

Leah Coffman is Detective Hargrave, the hard-boiled no-nonsense professional who gets assigned to the case when bodies start popping up with missing organs. Ms. Coffman is a very physical actress who has doubled for notables such as Edie Falco of The Sopranos. She is expert at firearms, horsemanship, armed and unarmed combat and other stunt work. Leah has appeared in many films such as The Quiet, Molding Clay, Scanner Darkly and Robert Rodriguez's Sin City.

Ted Smith is Mr. Cecil Thorpe, a reclusive pensioner whose solitude is disrupted by a young floozy grifter after his 401K. Mr. Smith has enjoyed a long distinguished career in radio broadcasting in New York, St. Louis and Austin. During WWII, Smith served in the Royal Air Force as a fighter pilot and flew Spitfires in ninety operational missions. He is an authority of air to ground warfare and has written and published two successful books about air-to-air combat, Spitfire Diary and Benedict's Wars (www.ww2fighterpilots.com).


Monica Carson is Barbie Bush, an alluring grifter, whose specialty is bilking elderly gentlemen out of their retirement funds.


Misti Gayle is Crystal Dangerstar, a fast-living gentlemen's model who knows how to induce pleasure in many ways.


Martina Sandoz is Candy Lovelace, an out-call stripper whose upper-crust clientele are not always what they seem.

Other featured actors include: Cody Scott as the Forecloser, Jesika Riggina as The Cocktail Waitress, David Robinson as The Yard Sale Guy, Melody Scott as The Yard Sale Girl, Beatrice Scott as Bar Waitress, Kimberly Montgomery as Club Server, Sabrina Davi and Misti Hillin as Vixens.